Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Apex Education?

Apex is Educationis an institution which provides tutioning and guidance in all spheres of Education.

Who it deals with Board Classes?

The method of Apex is simple. 1st we prepare teh students and clear their concepts then enter into regorous concept testing. We drill the concept so many time that the student not only comprehends it but also have it memorozed.

How many times the course is completed?

Unlike other institutions we complete the course 3 times for 9th and 10th. for 1st Year and 2nd Year its 2 times(Because their course is very lengthy).

How you manage such rigorous routine?

Apex has got experience of 3 Years and this method has proven to be a great success.

  1. In attaining this we have a detailed out line of our courses and test schedules to check the performance of our students.
  2. We have also trained teachers to deal with our course out line.
  3. We arrange special classes if in some sbjects the course lags behind.
  4. in short we have experience and experties to drive the whole thing around.

When do the New Batch Starts?

The major intakes of a new Batch is in the month of April, August and January for Crash. But special Batches are also Launched after every two months. It is for the Board Classes.


For IELTS every Monday a New Batch is taken.


For CSS/PMS the intakes are in April and September.

What is your Criteria for the WEEK students?

For week students our criteria is straight. We offer special classes and attention to them.

For details Visie our "Assessment Criteria"

What is APEX's Assessment Criteria?

For the assessment of our students we have desighed the following things?

  1. Regular Daily tests
  2. Regular Weekly Saturday Tests (2 tests of 1.30 Hrs length)
  3. Specilal Sunday tests (3 Hours Half Book tests)
  4. Past Papers (Past 5 Years)
  5. Full length papers (Board Pattern)
  6. Gusss Papers (Prediction of our Seasoned teachers)
  7. A Dedicated Portal

Why APEX IELTS is Special?

Apex IELTS is special because Its master Trainer is not ONLY IELTS QUALIFIED but at the same time BRITISH COUNCIL CERTIFIED IELTS TRAINER nad has been Training students since 2010. 

The RESULTS produced by APEX is a clarion of its skills and techniques taught to APEX Students.

The MOCK Exam conducted by APEX makes the students fully realize how they can Perform Optimum in the real EXAM Situation.