ApeX e-Entry Test Philisophy

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The Basis concept of Achieving Success is quite different than scoring well in exam.

In our conventional Exam system Cramming/memorizing/learning by heart is very common and in fact the best way to achieve good grades.

The very concept of achieving good grades completely changes when it comes to Entrance Exams.

The points to keep in mind by the students are;

  • 1.       Never to cram the question but to grasp the concept.
  • 2.       Work extensively on the content i.e. MCQs rather than their course.
  • 3.       Work only from examination point to view and not to get indulge in theoretic aspects of the query.
  • 4.       Keep in mind the time factor as the ticking of the clock mounts pressure and anxiety.
  • 5.       Tyr to attempt all Questions especially where there is no negative marking.
  • 6.       Never to waste too much time on difficult questions as the easy ones are there for boosting your score.
  • 7.       Practice more and have it checked and consulted till you are satisfied and comprehensively grasp the question.

And we at ApeX Guarantees that we will make to practice to the extent that Things will become easier for you.


For Admission
  • Starts : Continues Round the Year
  • Duration : 25 Lectures 30 + Tests & Mocks
  • Instructors : Best Teachers from Our all Campuses

ApeX MethodS & SkillS

ApeX EducatioN has devised an innovative method of preparing its students.

The Methods and Expertise of ApeX are Numerous but to Name few are:

  • 1.       ApeX has designed a comprehensive DATA BASE which contains a comprehensive 100000+ MCQs encompassing almost all Key aspects of the TEST fields.
  • 2.       Special attention is given to the questions which are difficult to the student (individually).
  • 3.       Keeping in mind the burden of the students the course is structured in a way that they will neither get bored nor will feel fatigued (Daily 2 hours TEST SESSION will be followed by a 4 Hours Skill and Technique Development Session).
  • 4.       The sessional result, having detailed errors of the student will be available to the student so as not to repeat the same mistake again.
  • 5.       The Lectures and Drill Practice DeviseD by ApeX is as Follows:
  • 6.       e-Test in the first half and Explanation of Topic in the Second Half (five days a Week).
  • 7.       Full length test of the course covered & Over View of all the Wrong Questions and Discussion on Saturday.
  • 8.       Full length Mock Practice test on every Sunday after Four Weeks.
  • 9.       Individual Counselling session with teachers on Saturdays.
  • 10.  ApeX EducatioN's Rigirous check and i-Controle on the progress and performance of students.


ApeX Guarentees the Success of its students.


For Admission
  • Starts : Round the Year
  • Duration : 25 Lectures 45+Tests & Mocks
  • Instructors : Best TeacherS from Our all CampuseS